Sunday, August 5, 2012



  CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL HOLOCAUST                                                                                                                                                                     Ah, can you, can you, turn backwards our broken lives
Written pages with your bloody hands in my white book
Repeatedly open wounds bleeding in front of you
See my children estranged faces are full of scars
My family with yours fearful cross hanged in the wall
Without hope only seeing yours sadistic shadows and storm
Remember fouls, you must know. It’s time now…
To share with the world yours horrendous crimes
Bloody thirsty beasts guilty in the sight of good

Until now the impunity in the judicial system surrounding human rights violations remain as normal, but the main causes for this impunity lay in the corruption of judiciary system and public prosecutors. In cases of police officers accused of gross public abuses, referred to the courts, however the lack to lay charges before a justice of peace, or when are formally charged the procedural delays and irregularities open the way for the accused to dismiss the charges.                                                                                                                                        Also police brutality and killing of innocent people it’s at the large, these perpetrators of human rights violations continued to evade accountability, because of the corrupt judicial system. Torture and ill- treatment of political prisoners in order to extract false confessions and force to play guilty applying mental and physical torture it’s happening at the large in the country jails. Prison guard’s brutality, denial of medical care, restrictions to provide necessary food and the appalling living conditions inside the juvenile detentions is a serious concern for the children prisoners.                                                                                                                                                                    As in previous articles in this blog I denounced how children and women are forced to comply with discriminatory policies of the Children’s Aids Societies Workers, judges, shelters, public housing, “Gestapo” police, impose severe restrictions on their children education, employment and freedom of movement. Mothers and children who resisted them were subjected to sadistic treatment. The past and present human rights violations against children, mothers, seniors, refugees, homeless people have to be investigated and summited to judicial proceedings, brought to justice the perpetrators of brutal, sadistic, monstrous crimes. One of the racist policies use by the government workers and societies is the mental torture, to destroy for life the victims. In the concentration camps the Nazis showed more humanity for those innocent victims, millions of people die in the gas chambers ending their anguish. But the mental agony in this country for millions of people of all ages is to wandering in the streets, squares, police precinct’s, courts, jails, hospitals…with no future but our misfortune to be poor and hatred by the government and other authorities; I know when I denounce and express the state crimes with these words many of you people must be muttering or think this man must be crazy to see anything good in this system mess we are in, state crimes that we feel it is frightening to be alive. 

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