Friday, July 20, 2012


The Canadian Media bear total responsibility to criminalize public housing children, women, families and seniors prone of violence? “Covering up autocrat’s evils crimes” that; destroy human lives and brutalizes their poorest victims for life.                                    
24H . NEWS FRIDAY July 20, 2012

Where a child cries, our profoundly prayers.
It is outrageous to accept the racist article published in (24H> NEWS) written by Jenny Yuen, which is not showing the complete truth of people living in government housing. The title of the article “Criminals are being protected by lengthy eviction processes" It's the right time to raise our opposition to the media and government officials, and finally we have the opportunity to report how these forgetting people struggle for their survival.                                                                         
In regard to crimes and eviction of tenants, the statement made by tenant representative from Toronto Community Housing, is incomplete because the well documented archives under the protection of TCHC, police, 911, and other records can prove the opposite. Toronto Housing Community with the help of the police in a period of weeks keep changing sometimes the complete floors with new tenants or evicting entire families from houses of their property. The people mentioned by the official of public housing are brought and controlled by their management and superintendents, knowing very well how danger represent for children living in public housing ghettos. In third world countries, democratic governments have created a housing system to protect the poor and homeless people, building adequate accommodation for families, elderly, disable people, showing respect and wishing peace and happiness in their new living places.                                                                                                                                  Here has been established a racist system of public housing, a torture Centre with their respective agony chambers, where the public housing officials, police, CAS, distinguished by its excessive savagery, and sadism. Mr. Prime Minister of Ontario, Mr. Mayor of Toronto, Chief of police, and Minister of housing, the focal issue of subsidized tenants housing is to combat to the end, the excessive brutality inflicted to renters by you mentors, subjugating to the most despicable state crimes. In yours chambers the high voltage electrical outlets, exposing to electrocute children (worse than the electric chair in the USA, it’s not a crime? To take from the upper floors windows the safeties, it’s not a crime? The torture from the other chamber using electronic sounds or vibrations, it’s not a crime? To keep testing the loudest fire alarm every fifteen minutes for the complete working day, it’s not a crime? To bring neighbors whom are using … you know an imminent danger for our children, it’s not a crime? This denounce is not with circumstantial evidence, evidence that; in slaughters courtrooms wreck substantial lives, this condemnation; I can prove in a true court of justice. The training “Gestapo, Taliban” camp to brutalize traumatize for life children, mothers, seniors and family, it’s not a crime? Better accommodation and privileges for certain groups of tenants, it’s not a crime? The people segregation in public housing, very visible in the neighborhoods around the city, it’s not a crime? The lack of proper accommodation for mothers and children victims of State Crimes, it’s not a crime.
Mr. Prime Ministers, Mr. Minister of Housing, Mr. Mayor of Toronto, Chief of Police. Our country which is situated in our beloved American continent is bleeding because we are living with an unjust society, full of racial hate.
We condemn the kidnapping of our children, their criminal form to traumatize them for life. Mr. Caregivers from the hell, you are taking the legitimate right to instill great values for the future of their lives and the nation. Please lords don’t blame us for the crimes of our children, when the fault is yours.
Continue with evidence…………


                                                                                     When destiny of children stand in the Government hands,  
With their policies easily separate children by races.
O! How danger is to educate underprivileged children?   
Philosophy to keep eternally ignorant; for lifetime slaving
Publicizing that poor children are in essence criminals
Power of lawbreaker’s is always dangerous?

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