Friday, July 13, 2012


The regimens that in virtue of the virtue, preach Democracy and Freedom! Described the oppression of peoples abroad, and destroy fertile lands. Are governments that destroy Human Lives in their own country, and slave their own people?
                                                                                                                                                             OMAR KHADR A MARTYR OF THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT ABANDONMENT?
While the governments of others countries protected and brought back their citizens detained in Guantamano, Cuba. It’s a shame for the Canadian Prime Minister, had left at the mercy of the US authorities, a fifteen years old child wounded in combat, to be tortured in one of the camps characterized by their notoriety to destroy prisoners. Mr. Harper? Where is your promise to bring back Omar Khadr, helping him to end his agony and isolation which was and remain subject since his capture? The neglect ion over the years by your government is questionable, the world knows about the abuse and torture inflicted by his captors, investigators, and prison guards. Omar is in necessity of rehabilitation in some Canadian Centre for victims of torture. 

Mr. Harper also we are living a terminal damage with our lives, and our souls and our children being victims of state crimes, in need of miracles rehabilitation, please can you refer all of us to the famous “Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture”. This Centre could provide rehabilitation for our children victims of Children’s Aids Societies, foster homes, and judicial abuse and torture. Mr. Prime Minister we would like to ask you? The same abandonment of children is happening in this country? The group homes and foster homes are the guantamano prisons of this country! For how long we have to endure the unjustified kidnapping of our children, the blooming and bloody business owned by the Children’s Aids Societies, and approved by your government.
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