Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now we feel that our cries are raised bold
To complain and point out the tyrants
Who trample the ephemeral laws?
Calling his crimes virtues

Who can with so much horror, to defend their rights?
Who can give the question, their self-defense?
Heard echoing in the halls of the court, cries of death?
You tell me who? Think Ural, Valerie, and Nathaly, that they are no more than butcher judges…                                                                                                                              SLAUGTHERS COURTROOMS
Let us reveal about the rule of law in the Canadian Judicial System or International Court Of Justice?
This article is about our experiences inside the slaughter’s courtrooms, the denials of our rights, torture, by the lower court judges, and about how we tried to confront with facts, witness, the persecution, brutality, crimes committed against our family and others. The accumulated evidence like documents, pictures, audio tapes, videotapes, photographs, will show to the world the best-known, important evidence for the court of the public opinion. The nightmare which we faced our living pain, sacrifice, and courage, gave someone, someday  the impetus for an investigation or enquire, helping us to reveal all the facts for a full public understanding of how this Canadian Judicial System works, destroying innocent lives.

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