Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stop the Impunity and Bring to Justice the Human Rights Abusers
Across the country human rights defenders have harshly condemned the conditions of the ghettos of public housing, under which children, mothers, seniors, families, are living in severe overcrowding conditions, lacking of ventilation, children and parents sleeping in the kitchen, very close to the stove, with the noise of a refrigerator, with risks of children to be electrocute because of the dangerous wires connections, the need of plumbing, lack of building safety, where seniors with serious health conditions are living without medical and social worker care – conditions that involve the most cruelest, serious, earthly abuses and even death. The lack to laid criminal charges before a justice of peace or to bring a certify affidavit to be heard by judges in an courtroom of justice, because of the corruption and criminal complicity of the Canadian Justice System, these sadists, criminals public housing workers and police, keep their brutal, evil, and vicious school of Americas tactics. The mental and physical torture, abusive and harmfully policies are the dogmas in order to traumatize for life the public housing residents. Because of the systematic intimidation, the privation to get a lawyer to file lawsuits against the institutions and perpetrators to stop their brutality and wicked crimes, the mentioned culprits are keeping their sadists, harmfully, evil policies. Absences of oversight from social organizations, human rights nongovernmental organizations, the Canadian media, tracking the abuses, denouncing, indicting the criminals, publishing the crimes against humanity makes difficult to know exactly how serious are the state crimes in this country.
The impunity for crimes committed by the Ministry of Housing, the lack of accountability for human rights abuses committed by the staff of public housing, police, is not punished for their sadistic actions. The lack of punishment and to give a decent accommodation for the victims of Minister of Housing crimes and Police send a clear message to the perpetrators of such crimes, that their bestial activities are not condoned by the state. The governments, Minister of housing workers, police, can brutalize torture or destroy innocent children lives, mothers, without fear of being brought to justice.
(Words and music by Julian Conrad)

That who I am?
They want to know, they look so strange?
As I sing so blindfolded and handcuffed?
I'll try to give an explanation:

They miss it
Because I do not agree to be sold or purchased
Because I am not subject to free market
Because I'm free to be free is my song!

I am the one
Listen up I am that indisignado
That went to war but because he was forced
By greed and imfamia the invader!

I am the one
Listen up I am that black African
Esclavisado and charged by the master
Release of terrorist shouting!

I am the justice, truth, dignity
I honor, honesty
I am good at singing flat against evil
I'm involved in war work for peace!

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