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Throughout history, the image of the evil police killings in this country has been provoking public fear, hysteria, because police are particularly prone of demonic possession. The killings of Otto Vass, Jeffrey Reodica, Robert Dziekanski, and recent massacres of Junior Alexander Manon, Sylvia Klibingaitis, Charles McGillivary, Michael Eligon, rush the audacious fatal shootings of people dying under the more strange forms and circumstances, is pushing public anger to the boiling point. Even more shocking for the Canadian public is the fact that; the perceived treatment to cover up the police murders by the Judges and Federal Justice Minister, continuous with loss of Canadian shattered lives. The lack of an appropriate investigation from an independent agency, to charge and convict the criminals for the assassinations of vulnerable citizens, must be part of an open debate how society have to deal with these violent crimes.


My name is Nadir Siguencia. On March 7, 1989 at about 3.28PM I called the worker’s Compensation, Adjudication Department located at # 2 Bloor Street East. I spoke to the telephone operator from the mentioned office, asking politely to speak with the Claims Adjudicator designated to deal with my claim, but for a period of over an hour the Compensation workers keep transferred my call from department to department, in this way they were insulting me and making fun of my request to speak with the above mentioned person. For the duration of this call I was playing at home “protest music” and frustrated because the insane treatment of compensation workers. At that time cordially again I asked to speak with someone from the security department, immediately Mr. Andrew wright answered the phone, and I explained the reason of my call to the Worker’s Compensation Board adjudication department, asking and demanding for physical rehabilitation, medical investigation about my back, neck injuries and my entitled benefits from the auto parts and the Canadian army employments.

Mr. Andrew Wright; he knows me very well because of my protests against the compensation policies in the front of his working place, also in one occasion the police brought me to the basement of the mentioned offices and in the front of Mr. Wright, I have been physically and emotionally brutalized by the mentioned evils for more than an hour.

Regarding the serious accusation made by whom?

The accused said I’m going to kill myself and my son (3 years old). If I was saying FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR: I’m going to kill myself and my son, for more than an hour and the same accusation was audiotaped by the 911, police or the security department from the Worker’s Compensation Board. Mr. Chief of Police please can you play the audiotape anytime in any Radio, T.V station or put in the Police Website to play and clean or clear the good name of your institution. The truth is: yours evil subordinates merely criminals tried to kill me that mentioned day in front of my children, because of my consciousness, activism, protests in the front of W.C.B. offices and display placards with slogans “INJURED WORKERS CONDEMM THE CRIMINAL ACTS OF THE COMPENSATION BOARD AGAINS WORKERS” “THE WCB HANDS ARE DRIPPING WITH INJURED WORKERS BLOOD” “WORKERS COMPENSATION CHEATS WORKERS OF THEIR LIVEHOOD” in the store window located at 737 Dundas Street West.

Also these minions merely criminals with the help of the SLAUGHTERED JUDGES from the College Park Court, tried imprisoned me for two years less a day. (Thanks Steve and your lawyer friend)


(Letra y musica de Julian Conrado)

Que quien soy yo?
Quieren saber, les parezco algo tan raro?
Como es que canto asi vendado y esposado?
Voy a tratar de darles una explicacion:

Se extra├▒aran
Porque no acepto ser vendido ni comprado
Porque no soy objeto de libre mercado
Porque soy libre como libre es mi cancion !

Yo soy aquel
Escuchen bien yo soy aquel indisignado
Que fue a la guerra pero porque fue obligado
Por la avaricia y la imfamia del invasor !

Yo soy aquel
Escuchen bien yo soy aquel negro africano
Esclavisado y acusado por el amo
De terrorista por gritar liberacion !

Soy la justicia, la verdad, la dignidad
Soy el honor, la honestidad
Yo soy el bien alzado en canto contra el mal
Soy el labor envuelto en guerra por la paz !

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