Friday, August 12, 2016

I strongly condemn all acts of terrorism that cause fear and involve any kind of violence and death. - Nadir Siguencia

The Canadian Mainstream Media! They depart from their duty that they have with the society, to investigate and publish the state terrorism which also is a severe threat in our nation.
‘We thirst for your blood,’ Aaron Driver warned Canada in video threat
RCMP was in a “race against time” after tip from the FBI that terror suspect was planning rush-hour attack in a major urban centre.
By Peter EdwardsStar Reporter, and Alex BallingallNews
Aaron Driver planned to commit a terror attack within 72 hours when he was killed in a confrontation with police in the southwestern Ontario community of Strathroy, police said today.

“Obviously it was a race against time,” RCMP Deputy-Commander Mike Cabana told a news conference in Ottawa today, noting that things “could have been a lot worse” if police hadn’t located and stopped Driver.
The RCMP showed a video at the news conference in which a masked man they identified as Driver, 24, warns, “O Canada, you received many warnings… You were told many times what would happen.”
The man continues: “You saw bodies of the filthy French lying in the streets. You still have much to pay for.”
“For this we thirst for your blood,” he said. “You will pay for everything you brought against us.”
The man continues: “You saw bodies of the filthy French lying in the streets. You still have much to pay for.”

“For this we thirst for your blood,” he said. “You will pay for everything you brought against us.”
The RCMP says Driver planned to attack a major urban centre during the morning or afternoon rush hour this week, but added they were not sure which community he planned to hit.

“Mr. Driver was looking for a location that was highly populated,” said RCMP Acting-Commander Jennifer Strachan.
Information on Driver was passed on by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation early Wednesday morning, Cabana said, and “we were relatively quickly able to identify and locate him.”
Hours later, Driver was killed in a confrontation with police in a taxi cab in Strathroy.
It wasn’t clear where the cab was heading, Strachan said.
But a dispatcher for Strathroy cab company, Leo’s Taxi, confirmed Driver called yesterday around 4:30 p.m., asking to be driven to Citi Plaza, a London mall.
Police had arrived at a Strathroy house when Driver darted out and got into a cab, carrying a knapsack, Strachan said.
“The taxi – we had no knowledge it was coming and he got in there very quickly,” Strachan said.
The dispatcher, Brandon Carreiro, said Driver was a frequent customer, taking cabs to the auto parts plant he worked at in Strathroy. 

“He was actually really polite and friendly,” Carreiro told the Star Thursday. “It’s just crazy that he did that because … he didn't seem like he would do that. He was very friendly and grateful of the service provided.”
Carreiro said he was told RCMP had fired at the cab while Driver was in it, but that the grey cab hadn’t been returned yet, so he did not know what condition it was in. He couldn’t confirm whether a bomb was detonated inside the car. 
Carreiro said the cab driver is “OK” except for some back pain.
“It’s just shocking,” he added.
Driver was arrested in Winnipeg under suspicion of terrorist connections and placed under a peace bond last year.
He was under a court order not to associate with any terrorist organization, including Daesh, an Islamist terrorist group also known as ISIS or ISIL.
Citi Plaza did not immediately return the Star’s calls. A VIA Rail train station is of walking distance to it.
Speaking with the Star in Toronto, Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins said the regional transit organization was alerted early Wednesday morning about a security threat on a “large urban transportation centre in Canada.” 
Union Station is the largest transportation centre in Canada, Aikins said, but she said the threat was not linked directly to Union. 
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