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Using fear and the threat of insecurity to manipulate the people, corporate media, in bed with government, over the years having become the mouthpiece of government control...

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TEN ANGELES / The information no longer exists, substitutes it propaganda
TEN ANGELES - The information no longer exists, has been replaced by propaganda. Nor they are and journalists, have been plundered by paraperiodistas. There are many examples but not the analysis that help us understand how they operate and what the objectives of practices that have degraded the media ecosystem to make it disappear are.
If that person is said paramilitary affiliated with a civil organization with military discipline or structure [1] we can say that the paraperiodistas are those affiliated with media reporters following a briefing military discipline throwing bombs on the targets defined by their companies. In the case serves as an example the target is Venezuela, particularly the Bolivarian process and step involved in shaping the next government of the Kingdom of Spain. The paraperiodistas long as Americans river crabs (more voracious, larger and insubstantial) who invaded the Spanish rivers to exterminate the natives, so this new journalistic species whose employers have links to US corporations swim by feeding our fears and TV prejudices of public opinion to serve their masters.
Television is the medium where most often operates this large predator, perhaps because, as shown in General Media Survey (2015), the TV has 88.3% of the audience, beating great distance to rest. It is on TV where the paraperiodista is more effective and deadly sample because the characteristics of television make it an ideal place to attack the emotions, manage stereotypes, reinforce prejudices and preset views, and block reflection means.
The news-bomb that issued the Antena 3 channel, on Friday 22 January, had the headline: "The images showing the relationship of the CUP, and the environment we ETA with the regime of Nicolas Maduro" and continued "Antenna 3 Noticias get exclusive images showing the relationship of the Catalan independence of the CUP, and the environment we ETA's regime in Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. Representatives of the three groups traveled to Venezuela in a military plane that usually usually use the Venezuelan president himself. "
Such attacks always appear with the sign "exclusive", this allows better attract the attention of the viewer that is indicating you can not find what you will see in other media. After consecutive days appear in "revelations" must be maintained for as long as possible expectation of something new that will be known. He spoke of "the 13 mature" [2], and together with small doses of blurred images, disjointed and opinions disguised as news claims will be reduced speech just three terms that are of interest set in the viewer: Venezuela, The CUP, can and ETA.

antena 3

The "news", or rather, the slogan to be fixed will be replicated in different ways, to create a "current", ie a campaign. At first as it's media conglomerates (set of media companies) are subsidiaries Antena 3 and Onda Cero, Antena 3 International, the sixth, and then other media who are interested in joining the wave for ideological reasons but usually because they share the same interests, in this case Venezuela attack and conveniently guide the political agreements of the new legislature.
The air of mystery that is achieved with small doses and sequenced using the "exclusive" terms and "revelations" not only keeps the focus but reinforces the imagination of something illegal, prohibited, punishable. The mood achieved prevents the viewer becomes logical questions such as how can a Venezuelan plane took off a Spanish airport without knowledge and authorization of the Spanish authorities? And if the authorities would not be authorized because it was perfectly legal and public? If the plane was one linked to ETA or just terrorism person why he was allowed to take that aircraft, even more so knowing that all Spaniards who left the country both private airports and public have to go through passport control? And if we would a ruling of the CUP and the other in a passage of 32 people what political affiliation had the rest and why it is important for these people and not the rest? What about the rest of the people of Spanish nationality who were in that plane? Are Assuming both leaders attend an event on ETA, was an illegal act? Is it also illegal to attend an event on Islamic fundamentalism? If the broadcaster believes that the law was violated or attend an event on independence would automatically make one a terrorist, why does not report to the Spanish authorities or justice?
Are the images alone can prove that there are agreements or ties between people? Why myself, a university professor, appear in the news, with pictures of previous years, a March 2014 made a tribute to Chavez in which Pablo Iglesias was the presenter and presented dozens of people and other one 2012 conference when even was created Can we? It is why we are linking me since its foundation when I sustained a very critical position with this political formation [3]? Maybe because soil often reveal the media war and manipulation techniques employed [4]? Or because I have always defended the legitimacy of the Bolivarian government and non-interference of the Spanish government [5]?
War propaganda always acts on land previously bombarded. In this case there is already an opinion matrix formed by all the Spanish mainstream media to stop the process of revolutionary transformation undertaken by President H. Chavez. The matrix has been built on two coordinates: identify the Bolivarian government as a dictatorship and repression of the opposition. Never mind that there have been over 20 elections supported by international agencies, by Spanish deputies of the left and right, or that the opposition has won the last elections and is majority in the Venezuelan Congress in Venezuela. For viewers used to learn on television it is as if there were these elections. The same applies to the issue of political repression, it matters little that detainees and convicted as the case of Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma politicians, have been felony conspiracy and terrorist plans in our own country would have had more convictions long. On the other hand, for a Spanish audience and conservative parties, ETA terrorism has given much play to support or condemn political options, to anchor the most volatile part of the electorate, and it has already become a warning label an enemy government. The acronym ETA, if this paranoticia are emptied of content and its only function is disqualifying.
We analyze the news builds on these preset axes. Its main objective is to feed the viewer animosity towards the Bolivarian government and incidentally can impair the image and CUP, just at a time when debt markets and business circles voices ask again a stable government ensure continuity of spoliation. Any of the scenarios that will materialize and preconditioned. If it is a pact PSOE-can-nationalism, this campaign will force they are continually showing his moderation and responsibilities of state. If the pact is PP-PSOE-citizens, the electorate will have already "understood" that is the most reasonable option for stability. If the elections are repeated may continue scaring the public with campaigns to moderate wear and limit the options for change and decant the electorate viable options to government (from the point of view of business interests). Of course, these paraperiodísticos bombing has nothing to do with who we are or CUP options left, they are not even processing of the substance. The means paraperiodistas are also political subjects and depending on their shareholders more like those or other options. The paraperiodista, as the paramilitary acts in defense of who pays and values are those of the company. In what is state policy (now) no ideological differences that are worth, the media do not compete with each other, agree. The contradictions that anyone can see between the programs of the sixth or the Antena 3 are the result of distribution of hearings, it is to cover all possible fronts and that the format changes giving a more youthful, modern or progressive appearance.
Let's go to the payer, or from which aircraft missiles are launched because it helps to understand the specific composition of the missile. In this case it's Antena 3 television Atresmedia belonging to the group chaired by José Creuheras previously by Jose Manuel Lara Bosch (2003-2015) and previously by Javier Godo (1989-1992). The mother company is Atresmedia TV Atresmedia was who in 1989 received one of the three licenses for private television in Spain. (I leave the curious reader to investigate about these characters, their connections with financial, productive capital and political figures highlighted [6]).
The origin of Antena 3 TV that leads then to the Corporation (media group of companies under the name Atresmedia) is on the radio Antena 3 S.A. (1982-1989) in which the majority shareholder was the publishing company La Vanguardia (52%) and ABC-Press Spanish (13%) Europa Press agency and the Zeta Group. Already in 1989, as radio was the first corporation in the field of communication which came to public company [7] and between 1992 and 1997, Antena 3 was linked to the PRISA group as we know, thanks to the government of Felipe González and his ties with the PSOE spread throughout Latin America.
From 1997 another great company with business interests in Latin America, Telefonica, becomes the majority shareholder of the company Antena 3 (49%) and Banco Santander (29%) also in expansion in Latin America is made with a significant number of actions [8]. Since 2003 the largest group is the Grupo Planeta in 2012 and will merge with GIA La Sexta.
As we see, the media corporations have a common ideology which determines his speech at the national and international politics: the business. When capital is at stake companies do not compete with each other, a pact. They defend their interests influencing public opinion that is who in representative systems, tips the balance in favor of one government or another better or worse defend the economic benefits of its allies. For Atresmedia companies and individuals (entrepreneurs and paraperiodistas) that have marked their editorial lines in different historical periods have had one or another interest form, ie business in Latin America and therefore a government like Venezuela provisions to govern according to criteria other than maximum profit for the elites, necessarily it has become an enemy to beat.
In the case of Antena 3 and Atresmedia and his campaign against Venezuela there is also a connection with the great enemy of the Bolivarian government that is the entrepreneur Gustavo Cisneros, curiously, gained Spanish citizenship recently. Cisneros is the great Venezuelan communications magnate whose media account for 60% of Venezuela's hearing [9], is Venezuela's richest man and also has business in other areas like real estate. In 2014 the government of Spain headed by Mariano Rajoy gave his wife owns Phelps foundation, principal patron of the Queen Sofia Foundation and owns the most complete collection of Latin American art world, the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise.
Cisneros has long been trying to invest in Spain especially in the world of communication. Sixth she tried to buy when he was president Zapatero but lost the bid with the Zeta Group (with whom he shares in Antena 3 between 1992-97) His interest is not only trying to acquire some regional television (Telemadrid and Canal Sur) but wants audiovisual content produced by your company in the US to enter Spain. In fact Venevision (the leading media company) has sold to Telecinco and Antena 3 various productions. Cisneros currently has interests in 30 companies and has customers in more than 90 countries. A resume their business must be added the staff complements: personal friend of former Spanish prime minister Felipe González (that is lately very active in his meddling in Venezuelan politics), also of US President Gerge Bush, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and billionaire David Rockefeller. In November 2015 the communication and media group Cisneros and private equity fund Velum Ventures invested $ 2.5 million in the company of Colombian origin Fluvip to consolidate its expansion in Latin America, USA and Spain [10].
Every great entrepreneur defends their interests so it is not unreasonable to suggest that Cisneros interests pull the strings available to guide the next government in Spain and of course to shoot from the outside against the Bolivarian government.
The ownership of the media, their links with banks, institutions and other forms of capital helps us understand the objectives in the news that are built are inserted. The way the media operate and the weapons they use allow us to understand how we influence.
Television is not only the means that monopolizes the formation of public opinion on politics, it has also acquired a monopoly of emotions. The news are not as if they can not sensacionalizarse. The main weapon is the spectacle paraperiodista and dramatization. Bourdieu said on television that "staged in images, an event and exaggerate its importance, its severity and its dramatic character, tragic" [11] and that this is key to manipulate emotions. Moreover, even if it seems that the images are the basis of television news, reality, as shown in the "news" of Antena 3 model we use it is that the images alone are incomprehensible "It takes extraordinary words. In fact, paradoxically, the world of the image is dominated by "[12]. If we see a leader riding on a bus CUP someone has to tell us what it is, do we have to do. If we put in relation to Venezuela, we, the CUP and ETA someone has to explain and tell us what we are seeing in some fragments of images, usually incomprehensible. The images simply create reality effects, so stock images, other facts are removed, the decontextualized and are used to tell otherwise. Actually assemblies that are presented as news is made.
Viewers are always ready to believe what, or match their world view, or is presented as a fact. What hangs in the air is collected by the paraperiodista reworked scraps here and there and fired back to the audience with news format, that is, with facts, names, etc. Thus preconceptions acquire value of reality. News are built to consumer tastes.
Marx said about commodity fetishism that when a product became commodity production footprints were erased. Social conditions, context and objectives of the news disappear swallowed by the voracious hungry viewer always spectacular news. What matters is that it is hidden the production process of the news and the objectives pursued.
Journalists often think that when we analyze their practices and when he investigates the objectives and logic of the media is making a complaint against someone, or being attacked. Nothing close to reality as any basic research on the media by turning them into objects of research, gives the result that journalists are malipuladores much as manipulated and can not shake the responsibility of killing consciences, in the same way a mercenary or a professional soldier kills human beings. The paraperiodistas, their bosses, politicians and pundits who finance, promote and agree that this kind deprede our communicational environment are responsible for the devastation of our minds, of misrepresentation and manipulation that tries to thwart the will of the people and if not get it paves the way for armed intervention or military coups.

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