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NATIONAL POST! Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt police meeting demanding "APOLOGY" over shooting

  NINE - NOVE - NUEVE - BULLETS  and when Sammy was dying he was tasered by other police officer. This sadistic criminal act is inexcusable and unpardonable...                                                                                
An apology for crimes against humanity! LAURA Hensey from the daily newspaper "National Post;" WHY THE INMATES OF THE CANADIAN JAILS ARE NOT ABLE TO ASK FOR PARDON BY THEIR SMALL MISTAKES WITH THE LAW? The truth is the Toronto police is committing heinous crimes against, children, women, elderly, arrested people, prisoners... it is a repressive force that are planting in the streets of this city and private residences the fear, terror and death. In addition the police are committing  extrajudicial executions in people of color and other vulnerable individuals, these brutal crimes  are inexcusable and unforgivable. Due to the severity of the crimes perpetrated by the police and their instinct to kill defenseless people, the murderers must be tried in an "Internacional Tribunal of Justice."                                                                 TRENDINGTrump | Pluto | Greece | Haters' Guide to Summer | CitizenSparks | Calgary
Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt police meeting demanding apology over shooting
Laura Hensley | July 17, 2015 12:34 AM ET
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Tyler Anderson/National PostA group called Black Lives Matter-Toronto interrupt a police services board meeting in Toronto, July 16, 2015. The group was protesting a lack of response by police after an officer shot and killed Andrew Loku, a black man and father of five.

Protesters from the activist group Black Lives Matter-Toronto descended on a meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board on Thursday, interrupting proceedings and demanding apologies from the mayor and the police chief over the killing of Andrew Loku.
The group’s co-founder, Rodney Diverlus, told Chief Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory that the shooting of 45-year-old Loku, a black man who was killed on July 5 by police, was unnecessary, and that the officers involved should be held responsible for his death.
“Every single day, black bodies in this city face violence. Whether it’s carding, whether it’s surveillance, whether it’s physical violence, and whether it’s death. This is life and death for us,” Diverlus said.
“We are here to let you know, and to put you on watch, and to let you know that we will take action, and that black lives matter.”
Tyler Anderson/National PostToronto mayor John Tory looks on during a police services board meeting on July 16, 2015.
Diverlus and more than 15 other protesters read a list of demands which included the immediate release of the names of the officers who shot Loku, that charges be laid against those officers and that the mayor and police apologize to Loku’s family and the city as a whole.
Black Lives Matter also wants the city to pay for Loku’s funeral, and is seeking financial compensation for the deceased’s family.
One woman in the group addressed the board with frustration and said, “Why is it OK for police to kill members of our community? And they are never, ever, penalized.”
Loku, a refugee from South Sudan, was shot at an apartment complex after he allegedly refused to drop a hammer after being instructed by police to do so. Witnesses say he was holding a hammer when police fired, but was calm and unthreatening.
A father of five, Loku was living in a west Toronto apartment subsidized by the Canadian Mental Health Association when he was killed. His death has added to the debate over how police deal with race and those living with mental illness.
“People of Toronto are fed up with the lip service,” Diverlus said during the protest. “We are seeking actions and we are asking you to take action.”
After the meeting ended and protesters left, Saunders told reporters he “offers his condolences to Loku’s family,” but added: “I don’t look for demands, I look for solutions.”
Saunders said the force has a system in place when it comes to police conduct, and that the behaviour of officers is taken very seriously.
“It’s important for us to have that necessary transparency, and it’s also necessary that our men and women behave appropriately when they’re working. And by and large they are, and by and large we have a lot of good officers. ”
Black Lives Matter said they will continue to protest for justice and on July 27 will be having “a day of action.”
National Post
Laura Hensley/National PostBlack Lives Matter-Toronto protesters at the Toronto Police Services Board meeting in on July 16. 2015.

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