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The Canadian media should recognize that are under the strict control of a well-organized gang of state outlaws, which daily are committing abhorrent crimes.                                                                                                       
 In the front page of the racist newspaper "Toronto Sun" makes news that the wife of the sergeant Ryan Russell is concerned about the killer of her husband Richard Kachkar, whom could be set free in a near future. Is a clear example of how the Canadian journalism operates making news only with oppressors, and hiding heinous crimes committed in the oppressed class? Journalists from "Toronto Sun" have forgotten their duty that have with the society in general to report also the crimes committed by the police!  If the assassins of Charlie McGillivary, Junior Manon, Sammy Yatim, Jeffrey Reodica, and Otto Velez, also have been punished by their heinous crimes.                                                                                                                                                
                                                 The Canadian media should recognize that are under the strict control of a well-organized gang of state outlaws, which daily are committing abhorrent crimes.                                             
MANDEL                                                                                                                                                               Ryan Russell's widow fears husband's killer on 'fast track to freedom'  
By Michele Mandel, Toronto Sun
First posted: Friday, June 12, 2015 10:00 PM EDT | Updated: Saturday, June 13, 2015 09:48 AM EDT
Ryan Russell                                                                             Ryan Russell's son, who was just a baby when he was killed, laying flowers at the parkette named for the slain police officer at Avenue Rd. and Dupont Rd. on June 12, 2015. (Michele Mandel/Toronto Sun)
WHITBY - Just two years after being found not criminally responsible for running down Sgt. Ryan Russell with a snowplow, Richard Kachkar wants to be able to leave his psychiatric hospital on unescorted passes into the community.
It’s just as she always feared. “He’s on the fast track to freedom,” sighed Russell’s widow Christine.
Lawyer Paul Copeland told the Ontario Review Board that Kachkar has been a model patient who’s shown no further psychotic symptoms since the “index offence” — the sanitized ORB terminology for the horrible death of a young police sergeant in the line of duty.
He’s taking his anti-psychotic medication, he’s remorseful, he’s anxious to have gainful employment and more exercise, his lawyer said, while Kachkar sat silently beside him, his eyes cast down as always.
Russell listened to it all with a mounting frustration that soon turned to simmering anger.
Copeland told the ORB that the young father’s death that snowy morning was a “tragic accident” as Kachkar panicked and attempted to flee — not a targetted slaying.
“Disgusting,” she murmured to her father as she listened to the lawyer try to sanitize what Kachkar did to her husband.
“This is insulting and certainly not true,” she said later in an exclusive interview. “Ryan’s death was clearly a murder. Digesting the NCR verdict and subsequent hearings has been hard enough.”
A jury, though, found otherwise. After hearing evidence that the St. Catharines man was mentally ill on Jan. 12, 2011 when he fled a homeless shelter in his bare feet, stole an idling plow and proceeded to go on a violent joyride through midtown Toronto, they found Kachkar not criminally responsible.
Kachkar has been at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences ever since. The ORB must review his case every year until it determines he no longer poses a risk to society and can be released. Last year, they refused his request to transfer into the general population where most patients are allowed to roam freely around the facility and the grounds without direct supervision.
At this year’s review, Dr. Zohar Waisman said Kachkar is now ready to move out of medium security and have unescorted access to hospital grounds. His supervised visits into the community should also continue — he’s already had more than 50 trips to local coffee shops, malls and restaurants with other patients.
But the psychiatrist said it’s too soon to allow him out on his own. Both for his safety and our own.
Like any chronic sickness, Kachkar continues to suffer from mental illness and there’s always a risk of recurrence, the doctor warned. Still “fragile,” he could suffer another psychotic episode if he’s exposed to stress, such as being confronted by angry members of the public who recognize him. Waisman told the hearing that a patient called him a “cop killer” last year and some area businesses have notified the hospital that Kachkar is not welcome.
“He’s untested,” Waisman cautioned. “Given the details of this case, I believe we should progress slowly.”
In reply to a question from the panel, the psychiatrist said there are no guarantees Kachkar wouldn’t “snap” again. “I can’t predict that because he’s been in a protective setting for such a long period of time.”
So Waisman urged baby steps so Kachkar’s new treatment team can gauge how he deals with more freedom within the hospital itself. Unaccompanied passes into the community are “way too premature at this point.”
The psychiatrist sounded wise and cautious. Too cautious, according to Kachkar’s lawyer. He urged the panel to allow his client to venture into the community by himself as soon as his treatment team says he’s ready.
Out and about on his own after just two years of psychiatric care? It’s enough to make Russell scream.
“His lawyer is downplaying the severity of his offence and his life-threatening actions before and after,” she insisted. “Since his arrest he has always been monitored. Increasing freedoms without constant supervision poses a risk that cannot be predicted.”
But she may be screaming into the wind. The ORB is expected to release its decision in about a month.     “AN INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR CRIMES LESA HUMANITY”


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