Monday, April 20, 2015

Toronto Police Homicides!

Toronto Police Homicides!

Fue anoche cuando impusisteis en nuestras vidas un dolor eterno
Portando en las densas tinieblas tu huracán parricida
Policía de Toronto; que en la noche dispersas tus alas negras
Desnudando por doquier tu instinto asesino...
Soslayaba a tu racista mirada,  tu salvaje arremetida
Mientras mis entrañas se estremecían, mi corazón y alma desfallecían
Cuando escuchaba la sentencia que destilaban tus falsedades
Disfraces hereditarios de mentes, manos, de una fuerza de homicidas

Toronto                                                                                                                                            Watch live: Toronto officially announces its new Chief of Police
National Post Staff and Canadian Press | April 20, 2015 9:56 AM ET
TORONTO — The Toronto Police Service Board will officially announce the new Chief of Police at a news conference Monday morning, though reports have already identified him as Mark Saunders.                                                                                                                              The announcement is slated for 10 a.m.                                                                                            Saunders, the current deputy chief, will become the first black man to lead the force. He has been with the Toronto Police Service for 32 years.                                                                                      He is currently in charge of Specialized Operations Command where he oversees 1,200 police officers and 154 civilian members.
More to come…

Toronto February 24, 2015                                                                                                                                                       Nadir Siguencia                                                                                                                                                                          70 Greenlaw Avenue
Toronto, ON M6H 3V5
Ontario Civilian Police Commission
Suite 605, 250 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M7A 2T3
Telephone: 416-314-3004
Fax: 416-314-0198
Public complaints fax: 416-314-2036
Toll free phone: 1-888-515-5005
Toll free fax: 1-888-311-7555
On February 11, 2015 approximately at 6:45 pm I Nadir Siguencia called 911 requesting for an ambulance to this address 58 Waterton Avenue, apt 203 to take my son Paul Siguencia to the hospital. During the conversation with the operator I explain the reason why my son needs to be taken to the hospital. Within approximately 20 minutes the paramedics arrived and I briefly explained the health condition of my son, immediately unexpectedly two police officers stormed behind my shoulders I instantly politely said “Leave the apartment, this is not a police matter” The officer J. Vine with badge # 9823 approach in an aggressive corporal, and unacceptable behavior all this actions was in the presence of officer R. Athwal badge # 10994. The meantime the mother and my son were in the bedroom with the two paramedics. As a concerned father I requested to the officer J. Vine I must see my son to explain the health condition to the paramedics, but officer J. Vine restrain me with his body coming forward me he was grinding his teeth and with a hateful facial expression he said” Do you Know what the fuck is going to happen to you tonight?” I answered “you are goanna beat me or kill me.” He approached to me much closer with his body and responds back irritated “Don’t fucking say anything to me.” I answer him by experience I know and saw how police are provoking innocent individuals by beating or killing.” Evidentially he became more hostile and approaching me closer and closer as he was saying “that I was agitated” again I was backing up and notice I reach the dead end. At this point I asked him why are you provoking me  he responded that I was agitated, so I said I’m concern for the health of my son and he said to take three deep breath so I did to satisfy him hoping he would allow me to see the paramedic and my son. Finally I address to the officer …… “You saw that your partner was provoking and provoking to me for some reason perhaps to beat me or kill me the situation tonight is a medical issue not a police matter. Soon the paramedic were planning to take  my son  to the hospital and I told my wife that I will be going along with the my son to Etobicoke Hospital , but           
                                                                                                                                                                                                           the officer… refrain  me from going because he said I represent some concern to the paramedics. As an authority to serve and protect the public was not handled in a professional manner it gives clarification that the officers ……. Has a motivation to provoke and harm me and putting my family more in a stressful situation when my son needed me the most.
I request for a full investigation about the night of February 11, 2015 where the officer J. Vine threaten me, and hope you take this matter very serious because in previous occasions the police harmed and tried to assassinate me.
Thank you,
Nadir Siguencia
Deliberated by hand;                                                                                                                                                              cc: Complaints Administration c/o Toronto Police Service 791 Islington Ave.                                       cc: Ontario Civilian Police Commission Suite 605, 250 Dundas Street West
cc: Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario Bell Trinity Square 483 Bay Street, 10 th Floor, South Tower
cc: Toronto Police Service 40 College Street

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