Monday, September 2, 2013


CANADIAN POLICE: There's no excuse for elder abuse!    

                                                                                                                         “Corrupt Canadian Judicial System”                                                                    Scourge for the poor and terrified immigrant families;                                                                                                            Blooming business for the destruction of the poor.                                                                                                                     Judges “butchers” with their stained bloody hammers;                                                                                                              Dictating heinous business decisions in the name of justice.

                                                                                               Felt that I cannot control my emotions, when I have listened Mr. Joseph Bigram; a disabled man with a history of police viciousness. He described to me, acts of brutality, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and indignity committed by the police at his place of residence, as well in the police station cell. Perhaps the mass media and police supporters who approve police brutality and killings, again they will be manipulating the public according to the occasion. Canadian journalists and public, this is a cowardly act, from a white police officer, against a person of color! Where this officer is showing racial hatred when he urinated in his head and face? This is a case where police officers are abusing an individual with very serious injuries, where the victim is asking for compassion and respect to the police. We would like to ask the fascist media and the people who supports human rights violations, did Mr. Bhikram, could represent a serious risk for a have dozen of well-armed police officers? The torture and the humiliation committed against this helpless man in the police station, deserve our full condemnation, cannot be tolerated or approved under any circumstance by conscious people. This is an abhorrent crime, an act despicable committed for one of the white officers, who is supposed To Serve & and Protect the public. This disgrace committed by the police on Mr. Bhikram, must be investigated by the respective authorities and the perpetrators punished.
IMPUNITY –IMPUNITY – AND IMPUNITY…                                                                                                                                                   
I hope that, I will not be a subject to any intimidation, provocation or threats in my journey.


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