Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The brutal murders and others delinquencies by those who work with badges and guns must be taken very seriously. The excessive police force, the killings of disadvantage people across the country and how those in law enforcement respond to the poor people is questionable. The accounted individuals who have been brutalized, framed, crippled, and murdered by the police would be sobering if we went far enough. The feeble ways in which the "Justice System" helps these vandals, thief’s, children’s kidnapers, pregnant women and homeless people sadists, are well documented by the victims, courts documents, and police archives. I would like to comment about the article of April 26, 2012, where two concerned honorable justices raise the question of police misconduct in this country. “This court must dissociate itself from (this) serious and deliberate state misconduct” Justice Nancy Backhouse.

“If police lying is tolerated by the courts, they will soon lose the respect of the community” Justice Peter Hambly. Police brutality, ill treatment in prisons, Children’s Aids Societies bloody business, Judicial System cover-up, and countless cases of judges complicity of crimes in the family and criminal courts, is a longstanding problem of impunity around the country, remaining as major concern. The butchers trials in the family and criminal courts fall short of international standard for fairness, with verdicts and sentences being decided by the judges, crown attorneys, and others before the trials. Denial of due process continues in the Court of Appeal, where Appeal judges shows disregard to follow the rule of law for the family and criminal appeals. The appeals hearings are no more than mere formality in the perpetuation of injustice and impunity.

The Police, CAS, Correctional Services and Justice System evil cases, might bring sadness or bitter or anger or mood, feelings made up of all these emotions. Children, families, and disadvantaged people quite simple, have a hard time to suffer or die. When it came to state crimes, where is the Justice System, the judges for the victims of crimes, false judges and authorities who never follow the rule of law? This is our meeting out when we have to confront the Justice and Injustice? The Canadian Judiciary System is committing human rights violations? How credible could be the judiciary body or their authors of crimes against humanity, legally charged, prosecuted, and punished, for the murders of innocent children, people, and other delinquencies?

Bob Marley

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!

Preacher man, don’t tell me that. You are lying,

Heaven is under the earth.

I know you!

Do you know me?

What life is really worth?

It’s not all that: The government money is gold!

Escorted Funerals with Caravans of Ambulances, dripping multicultural blood, slave innocent blood?

So now you see the light, eh!

Stand up for your rights. Come on!

Get up! Stand up for your rights, don’t give up the fight?

Most people think,

Great God will come from the skies,

Take away everything

And make everybody feel high.

But if you know what life is worth,

I will look for you in the earth:

And you know, you are going to see the lights,


Get up? Stand up! (Jay, Jay! Jay?)

Stand up for yours rights. Ho – Ho! – Ho?


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