Tuesday, November 15, 2011




Pardon! Pardon! What I did butcher’s to ask for yours clemency?

Must the bells are ringing strongly, inside my heart and brain

Honor’s my forgiveness. Pardon my Lord, and Pardon my Gods

Pardoned yours intimidation, corruption, and criminal complicity

No more “business” with our lives. Don’t make money with our slave……


The Canadian Legal System is based in total corruption and is very dangerous for the Canadian people demands; the family and criminal trials fell far short of national or international standards for fairness. The Judges and courts refuse to investigate allegations of corruption, from the evidence submitted to the courts by the defendants, to call defense witnesses. The impunity, gross human rights abuses remain in the judicial system, as an open corruption. Investigating those suspected of human rights violations, whether the police, social workers, false witness, resulted in full facts being clarified or the suspects being brought to justice and convicted. The Canadian Justice System proclaimed, to give a fair trial for every accused person, however, procedural delays and irregularities closed the way for the accused to secure a fair trial or appeal from a conviction. The truth is The Canadian legal system is the most dishonest, brutal, and crooked, legal system of any other developed nation. The legal system corruption is well known, covering all the country like a blanket. The threatening, intimidation, degradation, especially from the Judges, Crown Attorneys, police, court guards, in the courtrooms of the Provincials Courts, and Superior Court, is visible and well documented.

The so called Judges from the Provincials Courts are characterizing for their excessive terror, cruelty, sadism to traumatize the children and parents, and are accomplices for the holocaust, of the Children’s Aids Societies and Police. These honorable butchers are part of the abduction of our children, the false statements from the CAS and Police, torture, destruction, of innocent children, and families. When I analyze the bloody courtroom circus and the magnitude of people’s shattered lives, I ask myself, these butchers have love for their children, and families. At the courtrooms; is not compassion for the poor, for the immigrants, they don’t see from their hands, hammers are dripping ours “children’s, families, and people blood”.

The legal defense for the individuals living in poverty, result always in convictions, because the lack of money to hire an attorney, or Legal Aid lawyers never work with the clients files, because they are paid with the state money. In some instances the lawyers are accomplices of the judge’s wrongfully convictions in the courtrooms.

The Canadian State Crimes are using different techniques with the Police, children’s Aids Societies, Judicial System, and Correctional System. The interrogation this practice is often manipulated, the police are permitted to lie to defendants, to use people with criminal records, witness threatened, confessions are coerced, eyewitness testimony is extracted under intimidation, jailhouse informants are using to gain convictions, all this work is in the hands of the prosecution, and cannot be prosecuted for hiding exculpatory evidence. The defendants in many cases they don’t have full communication with the attorneys, a little preparation or nothing takes place prior to trial. The trial transcripts are altered or we never receive the full recordings from the hearings, in many occasions the defendants are not provided with interpreters, all the above mentioned represent a significant violation of the accused rights. The racial discrimination against the minority people play big role for the outcome of the judges decisions in the courtrooms.

We are living in a country that easily imprisons people, because the horrifying legal system, and business for the Correctional System, Judicial System, Minister of Social Services, Lawyers…. that puts innocent people in prison, to be brutalized,( Caravans of Terror) from the system of corrections. Canada is torturing juveniles and mentally ill people in prisons, the accused persons awaiting trials in jail are physically and mentally tortured.


How will it end, how will it end?

in this court’s today, jail, chains,

blood, silence, the country debased,

and this bleak year, years of blind rats,

this bleak year of rage and rancor,

you ask, you ask me how it will end

-Pablo Neruda

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