Sunday, October 30, 2011



The Toronto Star: A Secret Court in Toronto

Canadian Shattered Lives: The Secret Training Camps at Whitby, Ontario, from the Police and Children’s Aids Society of Toronto?

For 14 years I mourned in silence, I tried to control my emotions, when I check the brutal photos of my children; I feel convulsions, fear, anger, because the abuse from the Sergeant Michie, his wife Karem Michie, and the beasts from the Toronto Children’s Aids Society. These mentioned people and the society social workers, are no more than a hazard of daily brutality, which terrorize, maltreat, intimidate, destroyed, our children and parents unmercifully causing irremediable trauma for life.

The Canadian Media is an instrument of misinformation, serving the government and the privilege class. Ten of thousands of people and families, tried to denounce their personal experiences with the Police and Children’s Aids Societies, but the Canadian Media, refuse to publicize our truth histories.

Canadian families and people of the world, I appeal to your judgments and courage to help us to stop the “Canadian Caravans of Horror”, this extreme brutality is causing in our children, families, terror, agony, nightmares.

I ask the Canadian authorities to investigate where was photographed the children holding a gun, who put in their hands, which was the aim from the Police and Children’s Aids Society.

The photos of the children in which form were trying to use.

Our Children – Our Families – Our Brothers – Our blood

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