Friday, October 28, 2011

Torture is a cowardly and shameful act that can never be justified

-Fidel Castro


Canadian Hospitals “Chambers of Torture”

DR Hans J.Kreder – An Act of Sadism, Madness….

My sincere gratitude for the three heroes, whom saved my live, the real intentions of Dr. kreeder was to assassinate me at the Sunnybrook Hospital. The hospital worker who wake-up myself and told me, Mr. Siguencia call right now your family they are trying to kill you, because I was semi unconscious Gloria and a Dr. general PR actioner, called the hospital staff making them accountable for my life.

The Canadian regime and the police are targeting the patients, especially social activists to torture and kill in Canadian hospitals. Some people from the medical staff they are instruments of repression in the course of their efforts to assassinate Social activists.

Dr. kreder and other staff from the Sunnybrook hospital took part in the brutal torture, ill treatment, and the intent to commit murder. His job was to torture me and subjected to the most imaginable appalling treatment, the perverse enrolment to torture and intent to commit a murder violated the medical ethics.

The terror, pain, suffering, agony, which Dr. kreder inflicted me at the hospital is perhaps worse than the crimes committed by the Nazi doctors against the Jewish people and the physical and mental agony of the people held in the Iraq and Guantanamo jails.

The reason to denounce this bestiality is because I would like to reveal that: In this country the hospitals are places of torture like in the former Soviet Union, the Nazis and their crimes against humanity. Our government for how long is going to protect the perpetrators of human rights violations continued to evade accountability despite the evidence is in the hands of Judges and the Attorney General Office.

The majority of Canadian perpetrators of human rights violations continue to evade accountability and be brought to justice. We submitted over the years, at the Attorney General Office, Provincials, Superior and Appeal courts, overwhelming evidence to be reviewed by the judges of the respective courts… but are ignored…. The Minister of Attorney General and Judicial Authorities are protecting these criminals to be prosecuted for their crimes.

I would like to bring to the people of the world my testimony, but I need the help of the International Media or someone who can write step by step the terror, horror, sadism, savagism, and my agony at the hands of Dr. Hans J. Kreder and medical staff.

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