Saturday, October 22, 2011

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The heart is a drum.

The drum has a snare.

The snare is in the blood

The blood is in the air. –James Fenton

In the eyes of the world the Canadian regime used, exhaust their resources to annihilate the native population, and destroy the immigrant’s families, because of their racial ideologies and occupational business. The immigrants from around the world are forced to face the sordid reality of the racist damage, madman’s nightmares to reality. Taking in account my own experience and others I would like to reveal the real life of these tortures. They are: criminal’s, murderess, without any lack of personality, compassion and conscience to face their victims.

The Canadian Caravans of horror are printed in the history books ( the genocide and suffering, of the indigenous people at the hands of the colonizers, the destruction of children, immigrant families. These responses to the poor and less unfortunate evolved over the years a systematic racism or institutionalized racism. The access to provide protection to the Canadian children, underprivileged families by the social workers is questionable, for the reason the dogma of superiority to ensure domination over those who are considered as different or the inferior race. With their supremacy continues maintaining and perpetuating against the minorities’ people exploitative and oppressive forms of institutionalized racism.

The Canadian Government, Children’s Aids Societies, Family and Criminal Judges, approve their unjust practices of anti-oppression against the vulnerable children and parents. The Canadian crimes and scandals committed by the Children’s Aids Societies, police and judges from the courts are well documented. Where social workers and foster parents abusing children, children, dying under their control and custody, brutalizing and drugging children in group homes, children with broken bones, dismemberments, mother cutting the hands of their neighbor, parents killing their children because the brutal polices against the complete family and committing suicide.

We appeal to the courage, conscience of the Canadian families and people around the world to condemn with yours voices the crimes, horrors committed for decades in this country. And to rescuer our children and families from the present and future caravans of hell, holocaust. .

1. In the Second World War the holocaust of the Jewish children, the caravans of hell in Europe, was planned deliberate by the “Nazi State”. There were massacred not for what they have done, but for the simple fact of their existence. They were forced to face the sordid reality, the mutilation and death in the infamous concentration camps.

2. The importance of the Nazis holocaust, and the Nuremberg war’s crime trials, brought us the lessons of the war horrors how children, women, seniors, were massacred. The cruelty, bestiality, and savagery by the Nazis that do not appear to be learned, The facts, of their own confessions, personal testimonies of eyewitness, were verified by the accused in the International Tribunal, trials at Nuremberg. The madness, own revelations and the grotesque treatment by the guards at the concentrations camps showed the agonizing deaths…. ending their suffering). The world had learned this lesson of history?

3. The abuse of power in Canada is the most visible form to control the civilian population. The children’s Aid Societies are threatening the families with barbarism, viciousness that simple defies comprehension. The variety of illegal tactics used by this monstrous are: coercive interrogation, the isolation from of the family, psychological pressure, physical torture and medical neglect in the complete family. Also the lack of rule of law in the family and criminal courts are designated to demoralize, debase, and degrade us, according to my experience it was very effective. The facts are the terror, sadism, horror, savagery, bestiality. The trauma of the caravans of horror, holocaust, we have to carry for the final days of our lives.

4. As living prove of this butchery millions of survivors of torture walk every single day over the grounds of this country. The uncountable children and parents, (dysfunctional) of the brutal policy and the existing caravans of horror from the Children’s Aids Societies, Police, Criminal and Family Courts, Schools, Foster Parents . We are victims whom are living in continuous fear, agony, and dying slowly, with no hope of a normal life. These vulnerable wounded children are the result of the Canadian racist policy and the autocratic business in this country. “LIVING CARAVANS OF HELL”

5. The interminable processions continues in the streets of this nation, with homeless people brutally mistreated by the Canadian system, (domestic violence) children and mothers victimize in shelters, injured workers, patients tortured, innocent people charged of crimes, is a photo walk of destroyed ghosts. “Here are the mothers, children, and handicap people warehoused in small cold jail cells of Public Housing, seniors buried in chambers of Social Housing. Where are mentally and physically tortured by the Public Housing Officials and the sadist Police”

6. “The mental torture: In Canada nor less vile than any other kind of agony; it’s a way to impose silence in the victims”. Whatever methods are used, the torture’s aim is the same- to bring especially the complete families to the point where our personality will be shattered.CANADA MAY DENY OR TRY TO HIDE THESE CRIMES? Wake up fellows is time to demand justice, to take our claims to the International Community.

Nadir Siguencia

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