Monday, October 10, 2011


Arouse of police brutality in this country is inconceivable, where are too many victims and countless of violent perpetrators of crimes. This is inexcusable because never the culprits have been found guilty for an adequate punishment. The corruption in the criminal justice system prosecutions is overwhelming, without regret, shame, embarrassments, in the face of massive atrocities. In Canada we have many unjustifiable and obvious problems involved the rule of law. The victims of these continuous and serious abuses of human rights violations are repetitively neglected by the justice system and the government who approve torture and inhuman killing of citizens.

One of the clear examples is my case where I need an answer for the persecution, repression, torture, degradation, destruction of my family, and intent to assassinate me.

The gruesome police notes which I post in this website support my claims, the facts of my denunciations over the years about police brutality. Also gives a clear view about the police beatings to death in the streets, plazas… and shot to kill vulnerable people around the country.


I live in fear; I’m scared and shocked, every day at all. You know my Honor’s, It’s true, the true, the only truth I’m terrified of this inexcusable police force at all They are horrifying liars and brutes against me

Reviewing the lawless police notes indicate Nadir is... Six feet tall, two hundred and twenty pounds You know my honor; I’m not a giant with that weigh “I’m not, a cruel, a sadist, a brute, a beater and a killer”

The true is only five feet five, one hundred sixty five What? Flawless intentions of criminals, murderers and assassins Over the years the police force labeled me, as a Violent, crazy….. Don’t blame me for yours unmercifully beatings and crazy killings.

I’m not guilty for yours savages gunshots, and venomous killings I love my pets with my heart and soul, I did, I didn’t, I didn’t Shot and killed that poor, wounded helpless deer around High Park, Can’t you deny and denied these are not my hallucinations?

from the heaven, God’s know, only gods know my martyrdom how I was pinned hundreds of times against yours malice at public housing, yours vicious precinct’s, at the courts, and jails So I’m scared of this police. “Brutal Police State” at all

Please don’t incites me, inflames, or provokes…. at home, in the streets, in the library or in the courts with my neighbor, security guards, in the trains anyplace, anywhere, wherever, where I am.

“Ferocious Police State”, you know me very well when I stand for my rights in the front of a judge I bring evidences, facts, and never a callous lie those merciless lies, which belongs of yours falsehood.

Nadir Siguencia



In the loving memory of Mrs Sylvia Klibingaitis Shot and killed on Friday by the Toronto Police Is a demonstration of another execution? Blending a knife or some remarks against the police Let us pray, that her soul can rest in eternal peace

Domesticc assault, my officersss Talibane’ss assaulttt! Put him down thiss son of a binn… and brutalize himmm, Cameras umm umm um inspect the room umm camerasss Looking aroundd and arounddd umm the is onnn

Resting facee down with their bootts pressing down; The fingerr is pointing the other cop handss on yours gunsss? I seee the wink the savagee winkkk of twooo of themm Gestapooo winklee showss the mirrorrr of my showcaseeeeee

Selecting noww who is going to be my executionerrrrr I feel and feell in my body the colddd of the deathhh… In my main are in my sons, my poor unprotected sonsss Umm my cameras collectionnn save my livee my only liveee

Take the ff womennn and make a goodd statementtmet Or we can put on the streettss to work as a bitch noww A fragile, traumatizedd and panickeddd human beenn Too beee terrorizee and coerce ce by these bully policeee

Look her eyess and lookk the faceee no compasion sadists policeee

On video tapee, videotapeddd at the precinctt stationn This is reall anddd factualll and never afraid to denounceee In the beloved, much-lovedd, courttt of publicc opinionnnnn

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